YEŞİLÇAM CINEMA LABORERS SOCIAL SOLIDARITY, MEMORIAL AND ASSISTANCE FOUNDATION was established in 2016 in order to ensure that the Yeşilçam laborers, who were lost and forgotten in the industry and who were the architects of the stories that once contributed to us somehow, get the value they deserve and that the retired laborers of the industry live the rest of their lives with this value.

YESEV Nursing Home

As the individuals who have earned their breads for long years and provided education to their children with what they earned from the cinema industry, we established the Yeşilçam Cinema Laborers Foundation to extend our thanks and gratitude to this industry. Yeşilçam's unforgettable actors and actresses, directors, and all the set workers, who created this magic in the background, will experience both the happiness of being together at their new home to be established in Bodrum, which the land was allocated by the YEŞİLÇAM CINEMA LABORERS SOCIAL SOLIDARITY, MEMORIAL AND ASSISTANCE FOUNDATION (YESEV) and the peace of mind and pride of not being forgotten...

When we look at the past, we saw/still see that not too much has been done for the Yeşilçam laborers to date, and that the laborers, both in front of and behind the cameras, live a life with a very low standard of living if they do not have the sufficient financial capability and even most of them spend the last days of their lives at cheap hotels, which no one would care about, and die alone. We, as the Foundation, wanted to establish a nursing home for the Yeşilçam laborers who try to live their lives despite all these deficiencies. Thus, we plan to improve all the standards of living of 30 laborers, who do not have any income, and welcome them as our guest without paying any money until the end of their lives.

Our nursing home that we want to bring to our country will be constructed in the concept of Grandpa-Grandma-Grandchildren concept also applied in the USA, and thus we will bring in something new to our country. In other words, we will also have three kindergarten classes in the nursing home with this concept. The aim in this is to bring together the generations that are getting more and more distant from each other, to remind us of our lost values, and to strengthen the family ties. Thus, our elders will meet grandchildren, and the grandchildren, whose grandparents may actually do not live anymore, will meet other grandfathers and grandmothers. Income from the kindergarten classes will be used to cover the expenses of our laborers who will stay in our nursing home free of charge. The aim is to make the nursing home's income self-sufficient, not relying only to the voluntary donations.


In the past, just like the Yeşilçam films that we still watch fondly, we used to live in the houses with a garden, in warm districts where neighborhood and solidarity were always available. Along with the changing standards of living and increasing population, our houses have been replaced by high-rise apartments or residences as a result of urban transformation. As the floors of the houses increased, the relevant expenses increased accordingly and in the opposite direction, our solidarity and sharing with each other decreased.

The life that gets more expensive forces almost all family members to work. In the past, the head of the family used to work, the children used to study, the elders used to be cared for in those houses and completed their lives in peace. Now, our mothers, daughters and brides, who were supposed to take care of our elders, must also work.

Our parents, who brought us to the world and sacrificed their lives for us, or our grandparents spend their lives in the loneliness caused by the urbanization in those high rise buildings, watching the life that flows outside the window without knowing their neighbor the next door.

What they deserve, however, is to live in nursing homes, where good quality living conditions are provided, with regular medication times and blood pressure measurement under the control of regular healthcare teams, and by socially interacting with their peers, in other words to live a life without suffering loneliness. Our primary aim in establishing a nursing home is to make them feel that they are not forgotten or thrown away to a lonely life. Therefore, based on their statements, our motto will be: “We do not want to be a house item in our children's house, but we want to be healthy, merry, peaceful and highly pleased here with our friends.”

A few room designs projected for the nursing home

Oda 1
Oda 2
Oda 3

of such centers called Intergenerational Learning Center (ILC)Peers are available in Europe and the USA. At these centers, the elders and young children spend time together all day long with activities such as listening to music, dancing, painting, eating together, and organizing storytelling sessions. It is evident that this symbiotic life positively contributes to both age groups:

Young children get information about elderliness and growing older, learn to communicate well with the elders and people with disabilities, learn from elders who have much more experience than themselves, and acquainted with unconditional love.

On the perspective of residents of the nursing home, they are happier with the effect of "a rolling stone gathers no moss” saying that enters into their lives. The feeling of being isolated from social life or the feeling of loneliness, as well as the depression and similar disorders caused by these are thus prevented.

Another important leg of this project is operating the nursery as a professional enterprise and thus contributing significantly to the expense items of the nursing home. In this way, the elders longing for their grandchildren hold on to life with the energy brought by the children, and the children learn to communicate and empathize with the elder people. The project will be the first in its field in our country.

Oda 1
Oda 2

In order to make this dream of ours come true, our 5,000 m2 land in Bodrum is zoned for construction and is waiting for the construction of a nursing home.  So, how will we tell the entire Turkey that such a Foundation is established and wants to build a nursing home?

The best answer to this question will be, as we always do, through the films that we shoot. As the people who set their hearts on the Turkish cinema, we have always explained all our problems through films, been understood and received support as a result of them....


Our film starts with four old men, who live in our nursing home; they never leave the nursing home as a result of a bet they made a year ago and now, they want to go and see their children after the time they set with the bet expires. But their children do not want them at all. The old men escape from the nursing home and face their children. They, perhaps, take the greatest lesson of their life with this escape... As actors who served to Yeşilçam for long years will take place in this family movie, which we will make the audience both cry and laugh, we will somehow reconnect these actors back to life. Thus, we will remind them that we do not forget them, and that we owe them a huge duty of loyalty as they beautified our lives with the films they acted in.


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